Check the Wizard

The Chess of the new Millennium

What is Check the Wizard?

Can you imagine to chess with the most powerful army?

30 Pieces per colour?

New pieces with skill movements based in the classical game of chess?

Check the Wizard

The most evoluted chess game of the world!

Check the Wizard is designed to obtain a complete board game in which two very strongly equipped armies face each other.

Many of the pieces on the board have well known chess movements, but others will be explained later on. The surprising qualities of this game are the great diversity of movements of its pieces, in which we advise to study each movement, meditate its consequences and its profit in the battlefield. At the beginning it seems to be a bit complicated, but the development of the match streamlines the game.

This game creates an infinity of very diverse plays, in which you must always bear in mind the danger caused by every movment of each piece on the board which allows, in a high level of play, to develop the strategy and win the game. However, it may happen that the slightest error leads you to an unexpected defeat.

The study of the position of each piece allows the application of the game, in accordance with the regulatory movements, serves to put the game into development.

Possibly it adapts to all time military strategies, imitating a battlefield in which the archery squads go to the front with better training than the soldiers and covering more attack space.

As in real life, the first troops that go to the front are better trained (camouflage, shooting, drag, personal defense, sabotage, etc.). They are the ones who conquer and lead the way for the troops. The battalion has a lower preparation. The soldiers are pawns of the combat with very limited movements, they follow the routine of the classic and known game of chess, with the difference that, if they reach the end of the game board, like the archers, they become Knights, as a rank of superior grade.


The most evoluted chess game that has ever been known

All the pieces of the game are based on the movements of the classic Chess


They initiate the combat, they are 10 by color, defend and attack without being able to retreat. Once they reach the end of the board, they are crowned exclusively in Knight

the Knight

The Knight is the desired piece of archers and soldiers, has the ability to change color of its diagonals, it is very dangerous if it complements perfectly with the Empress

the wizard

It is the most powerful piece that can protect you from a check and the next move provoke one.


Artesanía en madera natural de boj, cálidas y nobles piezas torneadas a mano.

Juego artesano 100% con madera pesada (densidad 0,8 a 0,95) color nogal.

Solo a la venta en edición de coleccionista


Discover all the pieces that come into play in each of the exciting strategic battles.

Learn to move around the board to create the best winning strategy.


Learn exits, plays and strategic tricks to leave without possibilities of winning the final battle.


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